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Team Nutritionist Saloni (TNS) is a one stop solution for all things Fatloss, PCOS management , Lifestyle Management , Weight Management , Body re-composition, diets for skin concerns and all sorts of other therapeutic diets


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Empowering Women for a 360° Transformation

At Nutritionist Saloni, we're more than just nutritionists – we're your partners on a journey to complete wellness. We believe that true transformation involves nurturing both your physical and mental health.

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Our Mission

We're passionate about helping women achieve their health and wellness goals, inside and out. We provide a supportive community and a personalized approach to guide you towards a healthier, happier you.

What We Offer

Nutritional Guidance: We create customized meal plans and offer expert advice to help you reach your physical goals, whether it's weight loss, building muscle, or improving your overall well-being.
Mental Wellness Support: We understand the mind-body connection and offer resources and strategies to promote emotional well-being alongside physical transformation.
Join our Community!

We invite you to connect with us on Instagram (@nutritionistsaloni) and be part of a supportive network of women on the same path. Get inspired by success stories, access valuable resources, and ask questions in a safe and encouraging environment.

Together, let's create a healthier, happier you!

Our Team

Expert dietician for perfect nutrition.


Dt. Saloni Arora

Founder & Cheif Dietician

Paras Arora

CEO & Co-Founder of the Brand

Ishita Ahuja

Managing Head

Avantika Choudhary

Head Dietician

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